Our PTO forms a community and an opportunity for parents, teachers, and staff of IL Texas Katy to work together to meet common goals for the ultimate benefit and enrichment of our children. We encourage all parents, teachers, and staff at IL Texas Katy K8 to join PTO. Membership dues are only $5.00 per person for the school year and are used to support our school. 

Nuestro PTO  crea comunidad  y  oportunidades para que los padres, maestros y el personal de IL Texas Katy trabajen juntos para alcanzar objetivos en común para el mayor beneficio y enriquecimiento de nuestros niños. Alentamos a todos los padres, maestros y personal de IL Texas Katy K8 a unirse al PTO. La cuota de membresía es de tan solo $5.00 por persona para el año escolar y se utilizan para apoyar a nuestra escuela.


You must be a member and signed in to access the budget and meeting minutes.  Non-members can access meeting minutes by emailing jenn@iltexaskatypto.org

Debe ser miembro y haber iniciado sesión para acceder al presupuesto y las actas de las reuniones. Los no miembros pueden acceder a las actas de las reuniones enviando un correo electrónico a jenn@iltexaskatypto.org


Our board is made up of hard-working parents who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have a question.


Nuestra mesa directiva está formada  por padres que trabajan arduamente uniendo su talento para brindar apoyo a nuestra escuela.  A continuación encontrará a los voluntarios que conforman la mesa directiva de este ciclo escolar. Conozca sus nombres y caras, y siéntase libre de contactarlos si tiene alguna pregunta.




Jenn Saxena



Jenn is a parent to a 4th grader and 2nd grader and has been involved in the PTO for 5 years as a volunteer, and 4 years as a board member.  She has performed duties for programs, fundraising, hospitality, treasury, communications, vice presidency, and presidency.  She has owned and operated a small business in the textile industry for the past 7 years and is a graduate of Texas A&M with a B.S. in Psychology and M.S. in Management.  She has lived in the United States, France, and Australia and worked in 20 other countries. During her very little free time she enjoys reading, sewing and traveling.  Jenn's primary reason for dedicating her time to the PTO is to enrich the experience for all students at IL Texas Katy.

Jorge DeJesus




Jackie Licona




Cyril Thomas




Mariana Payan



Mariana is the parent of a soon to be 1st grader and a daughter starting Pre-K. She is new to the PTO board but volunteered this last year.  Mariana graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in California with a B.A in Liberal Arts and her bilingual teaching credential.  She is currently dedicating her time to raising her children and is enjoying every minute of it.  In her free time she enjoys movies, music, reading and traveling when possible.  Mariana hopes to create long lasting memories with children by staying involved in every way she can

Veronica Sleight

Fundraising Chair



Jamie Schlickbernd

Programs Chair



Jamie is a parent to a 6th grader and has worked with the PTO for five years as a volunteer and four as a board member.  Jamie has served as board chair in both the programs and membership areas and also as vice president.  She grew up in a very small town in western Nebraska before coming to Houston to earn a B.A. with majors in Psychology and Anthropology at Rice University.  Jamie then completed all requirements except dissertation for a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Florida, and she later graduated with an M.S. in Financial Planning at Golden Gate University.  She currently is a co-owner of four businesses and teaches one class each week, in which she prepares students to take the MBA admissions exam.  She enjoys traveling, reading, and cats.  Jamie loves working with her colleagues in the PTO and planning and executing events that all associated with ILT can enjoy.

Ranu Gupta

Middle School Chair



Angelica Rueda

Yearbook Co-Chair



Jenni Muñoz

Yearbook Co-Chair


Jenni is a parent to a 2nd grader and just recently joined the PTO as the Yearbook Co-Chair. Prior to this she volunteered the 2021, when time allowed. She has worked in Human Resources over the last 20 years and is heavily involved and runs the engagement program at her current employer. She enjoys finding ways to brain storm ideas to provide engaging activities for parents, children, and staff. She joined the PTO to help capture and create memories for all families of IL Texas Katy. When she is not working, she is actively involved in her son's sports, catching a movie with her husband of 15 years or gardening. While she is a native Californian, she has lived with her family and four fur babies in Katy for about 10 yrs. Her hope through the PTO is to contribute her time in any capacity necessary but also through the creation of the school’s yearbook, so each family may enjoy the memories captured year over year.

Yocelin Fuenmayor

Hospitality Chair


Yocelin is the mother of Lucas, a 1st Grade student. She has been involved with the PTO since 2021 when her son entered kindergarten. This year she will be on the board in charge of the hospitality. She really enjoys doing the decorations and events for school! She manages several businesses, including, Doterra sales consultant, Thermomix sales consultant, personal shopper, and also catering food service! She is from Venezuela and has lived in the USA for 8 years. She lived in New York for a year, Miami for 6 years and currently Texas. She has a bachelor's degree in a license in social communication, public relations, marketing and advertising! In her free time she likes to read, do exercise and share fun activities with her son! Being part of PTO has helped her make new friends and meet lots of good people! She is very grateful and happy to be part of the ILT family


Spirit Wear Chair



Sarai Cevallos-Buchan 

Communications Chair



Grace Ng

Membership Chair 


Grace is a parent of 2 ILTexas students in 6th and 4th grade. She enjoys volunteering to help at various events and recently joined the PTO board in March of 2022 as the Membership chair. Grace graduated from The University of Texas in Austin and has experience in information technology for over 20 years, implementing software and leading large scale projects. In her free time, Grace travels with her family, enjoys cooking food from different countries and learning about different cultures.  She looks forward to growing the PTO membership and helping parents get more involved in the school to benefit the students, teachers and staff of ILTexas.

Patrick Araujo

Technology Chair 



Patrick has two children that attend IL Texas Katy K-8. Patrick started helping on the Board late in the 21-22 school year. He is an enterprise level IT Systems architect and engineer who works full time for a local company. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with small repair projects, playing video games with his kids and taking them on food adventures. “Food adventures is going to unfamiliar restaurants to try foods from around the world in your own back yard, you’d be surprised how many people will take the time to teach you about where they are from, Houston is so divers culturally there is no reason to not take advantage of it.”


Volunteer Chair